The best anti-cellulite method, removing fat and toxins with maderotherapy.

With maderotherapy you can easily remove toxins from your body and ensure a pleasant and healthy skin. The therapy is also known as „wood therapy“. Maderotherapy has its origin in Colombia, where it has been used for generations. Maderotherapy is also colloquially called anti-cellulite massage.

In Madero therapy, wooden elements are applied with pressure on the connective tissue for massage. This directly removes the fat deposits and other toxins. This happens because this technique directly stimulates the lymphatic system. The advantage: cellulite deposits are removed directly.

Madero therapy is recommended if you want to eliminate toxins and get rid of cellulite. The Madero Therapy is also suitable for relaxation and stimulation of the lymphatic system. You can also easily activate your inner cells thanks to the massage – so you can easily burn fat.

How often does one have to do the Madero therapy?

If your goal is to get rid of cellulite, it is worthwhile to do treatments in series of 10 repetitions. Thanks to this very intensive and efficient method, the first successes can be seen after just a few sessions, which very quickly makes you want to do more. In order for you to achieve long-lasting effects through maderotherapy, we suggest at least 3 sessions.

Are the treatments painful?

Pain during Madero Therapy can occur at the beginning. Especially sensitive persons may find this type of massage a little uncomfortable during the first applications. However, after a few massages this will no longer be the case.

The visible success that can be quickly seen amazes our customers again and again and therefore the initial unpleasantness that some people experience is soon no longer important.


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